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Fall is Drain Cleaning Season: Make the Call

You may wonder what drain cleaning is, and if it is worth your while. Rest assured; it is this kind of home maintenance that, when done on a regular basis, stops problems in their tracks before they have a chance to even start.

Drain cleaning

The fall is a good time to tend to this task, partly because of the weather (you are likely to receive less precipitation than you would in the other popular home-maintenance season - the spring).

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your plumbing is in great shape prior to the busy holiday season. Imagine a home full of guests and your toilet won’t flush because it is blocked, or if your kitchen sink is out of order while preparing Thanksgiving Dinner.

Signs That You Shouldn’t Wait

If you detect a foul or musky odor lingering around your drains, that’s a sign to call the plumber. Other signs that you have a blockage include hDrain cleaning earing a gurgling sound after you flush the toilet, or sounds coming from other plumbing fixtures.

If you notice that a sink, tub or shower is slow to drain, it may be because of a clog. You might be able to dislodge it (especially if it is a partial clog) using a plunger.

A plunger takes advantage of air pressure to pull the debris out and allow water to continue to flow through. If you’re not able to accomplish that with a plunger, you’ll want to make a call to your plumber for extra help with specialized tools and training.

Why is high-pressure water so effective?

A hydrojet machine blasts water through pipes at such intensity that it smashes through debris and blockages, without damaging the surrounding pipes.

Drain cleaning The temperature of the water assists in removing the blockage too, especially when you are dealing with a blockage caused by grease or sand. Tree roots respond well to the pressure from the water as well.

Reasons for Blocked Pipes

We’ve talked about some of the signs of blockage, along with the solutions that are commonly used, but did you know that there is a lot that you can do to prevent blocked pipes from happening in the first place? Avoid putting paper towel, diapers, dental floss, wipes or sanitary napkins in the toilet. In the kitchen, don’t put grease or food scraps down your sink.

Outside, in order to avoid intrusion from tree roots into exterior pipes, don’t plant any trees or shrubs in proximity to piping.

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