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This March 22nd, Remember to Observe World Water Day

World Water Day

World water day The purpose of World Water Day is to bring attention to the state of the world’s supply of freshwater, and how humans can advocate and work for the sustainable management and preservation of this precious resource.

On March 22nd, be a part of the conversation on how urbanization and changing lifestyles are quickly increasing people’s consumption of water, and the steps individuals can take to limit the amount of water they use.

The Worldwide Water Crisis

Of all the water on Earth, only 2% is classified as freshwater. Freshwater sources are becoming scarce, due to many factors directly caused by human existence, such as:

Water Pollution and the Environmental Crisis: The pollution of sources of freshwater directly affects these aquatic environments and the life which requires them to survive. Pollution from harmful substances and the depletion of the water itself disturbs the natural balance of aquatic ecosystems, which then cannot be regulated effectively.
Overconsumption of Water for Agricultural Purposes: Crop irrigation for water-reliant crops, along with the production of factory farmed meat, use up a large quantity of the water used daily worldwide. Crops such as corn, rice, and wheat require a lot of water to grow efficiently, One pound of boneless beef requires 441 gallons of water.

Limiting the Consumption and Pollution of Freshwater

Now, more than ever, are humans wasting and polluting the supply of freshwater worldwide. Both scientists and environmental activists are working to share knowledge on the key methods of water preservation, including:

  • The overall reduction in water usage.
  • Improving waste management overseeing the safe disposal of hazardous materials, chemicals, and landfill waste.
  • Avoiding water pollution by limiting pollution overall.

water day By increasing the production of water-efficient crops, limiting consumption and necessity for factory farmed raised livestock, and the safe disposal of hazardous materials, water pollution can be avoided, while using less water as a population in general.

How Proper Plumbing Can Lower Water Usage

Plumbing technologies have been developed so individual homes and places of business can limit how much water is used every day, without complication. By limiting the amount of water which enters these areas through pipes and faucets, people can effectively reduce water usage overall. Some examples of this water-saving technology are:

  • Low-flow showerheads (aka energy efficient showerheads).
  • Automatic faucets that run on a specific, short period.
  • Faucet aerators, which break up water flow into small particles, producing the same effectiveness while limiting the total amount of water used.
  • Dual-flush toilets. These toilets have two levers to choose the amount of water an individual wants to flush.
  • Nozzles for garden hoses, disrupting the flow of water through the hose when not in use.

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