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Costly HVAC Repairs Can Be Avoided with These Maintenance Tips

HVAC repairsTo get a long, productive life from your HVAC, you need to give it regular care. Annual and monthly maintenance will help you to reduce energy costs, avoid expensive repairs and ensure the long-term running of your system.

Inspect the Filter

Every month you can perform maintenance checks and tasks yourself that can ensure the system’s smooth running and long-term operation.

Examine the HVAC’s air filter or screen, which prevents large airborne particles from getting inside the machinery and causing problems.

With normal use, you may need to clean or replace the filter at least once every three months, and more often if the system is used heavily or operates under special HVAC repairsconditions, such as being near a construction site or having pets in the house.

Make sure you use the right filter for your unit and that there are no gaps left around the filter frame once it is installed.

If your HVAC does not have clear instructions on how to find and change the filter, you should turn to your HVAC specialist for instructions.

Also, before you inspect the filter, make sure the unit’s power is turned off.

Clear Away Obstructions

It is important that you keep the airways of your system flowing without obstruction.

HVAC repairs Inside your house, ensure that drapes, furniture, kids’ toys and other objects don’t block the supply and return registers.

And clear the area around your outdoor condenser unit to prevent clogging. Use a hose to keep the unit clean.

Trim back shrubbery, branches and other types of foliage up to three feet away from the unit.

And rake the grounds free of debris, including fallen leaves, twigs and small stones.

Book a Yearly Tune-up

Just as you would supplement your own healthcare with annual visits to the doctor, your HVAC needs the TLC of a licensed professional.

At least annually, and perhaps every spring and fall, our team can go beyond routine maintenance to inspect, clean and check the operation and wiring of the unit, ensuring that it’s operating to manufacturer specifications.

HVAC repairs We will:

  • inspect refrigerant lines
  • check CO levels
  • lubricate moving parts
  • tighten electrical connections
  • clear algae and mold from condensate drains
  • and much, much more!

Your unit will work at it's peak performance, cutting back energy use, saving repair costs and providing you with peace of mind.

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