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Bill Diamond of William C. Diamond Plumbing Featured in Redfin Plumbing Article

Redfin is a popular online source for all sorts of articles and reports about real estate property, homeownership, general home repairs, and so forth. William C. Diamond Plumbing & Heating is excited to be able to announce that our owner, Bill Diamond, was tapped Redfin for its recent article about common plumbing questions and answers. It was a great opportunity for Bill to share his knowledge and expertise with the many readers of Redfin.

He was asked to answer, “Why are my pipes knocking when the toilet is flushed?” According to Redfin, hundreds of people are asking Google this question each month, so it seems to be a pretty commonplace problem.

Bill Diamond shared the most common reason is water pressure errors. In particular, if the water pressure is too high in a pipe, the force of the water rushing through it will cause it to rock and knock against the inside of the wall. He also explained the fill valve in a toilet — especially a newer model — can slap down forcefully with each flush, resounding in a knock. The shutoff valve could have a loose washer, though. Or, the flapper might not seal properly and kick the metering valve into action to fill the toilet.

As it can be seen, there are numerous reasons why a toilet might create a knocking when flushed. The best way to figure it out and get it under control is calling a professional plumber who can come out to your house, inspect your toilet and the pipework, and diagnose the issue.

If you would like to read the full Redfin article featuring Bill Diamond, you can click here to visit the official Redfin website. To get a talented Livingston plumber to your property for a plumbing service, you can count on William C. Diamond Plumbing & Heating. Our team completes all sorts of plumbing jobs, from drain cleaning and water heater installation to emergency plumbing made available 24/7. Call (973) 200-6713 to schedule a service based on your convenience.