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William C. Diamond Gives Back to Local Charities

At William C. Diamond Plumbing & Heating, we’re always thrilled for the opportunity to give back to the community which has done so much to support us over the years. Thanks to our customers, we’ve been able to become one of the leading names in heating, cooling, and plumbing services, so when we get the opportunity to give back and support someone in the community in need, we’re always thrilled at the chance to do so.

Recently, we were able to do just that by giving back to a family in need. Henry Aulenbach is just seven years old, and has already had to go through more in his life than many people ever will. He was recently found to have a brain tumor, and several spots along his spine. While he has already undergone brain surgery to remove the brain tumor, his treatment is far from over and will include several additional lengthy hospital stays.

As you can imagine, this has led to a large pile of extremely expensive medical bills for the Aulenbach family, and that’s something no parent wants to have to deal with. To help, we were proud to be able to write a check for $500 to Chrissie and Dave Aulenbach to help with their bills during this long and trying period.

Young Henry’s journey is far from over, but we’re happy to do our part to make it just a little bit easier for everyone involved. Our hope is that eventually young Henry will grow up to be strong, cancer free, and go on to live a healthy and productive life.

How You Can Get Involved

Every quarter, William C. Diamond Plumbing & Heating gives back to a local charity or cause, and we’d love to hear from you what we should choose. If you have a non-profit in mind that you would like to nominate to receive a donation, we’d love to hear about it! We’re turning to our customers to nominate potential recipients, and we’ll select one cause each quarter.

Nominees must fulfill each of the following criteria:

  • They must be a 501(c)(3) foundation or non-profit organization
  • They must operate within our local service area
  • They must be willing to be photographed for use on our website, social media, newspaper circulations, and other publication sources

If you know of a cause that could use our help, we strongly encourage you to fill out our nomination form on our website. There’s just a few simple questions, and we’ll select one cause to give back to every three months!

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