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When the cold of winter arrives, everyone wants to make sure their home will stay warm and comfortable. The heating experts at William C. Diamond Plumbing & Heating provide top-quality repair and maintenance for all types of home heating system. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are dedicated to delivering an unparalleled customer experience for every job.

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Is your furnace not keeping up with your thermostat?

Their a few reasons why your furnace may be, "ignoring" your thermostat. It could be be that your air filter is dirty or clogged, your thermostat may be set to the, "cool" setting or it could even be the blower compartment door on the furnace itself isn't installed properly installed & isn't tripping the switch to turn on your furnace. The bullet list below expounds on each of these things:

3 Reasons Your Furnace May Not Be Working:

  • Air Filter Dirty or Clogged -
    Often times a thermostat that isn't communicating properly with the furnace is due to just having a dirty air filter. The reason for this is that the furnace will overheat due to the restriction in the exchanger and not blow out any hot air. Make sure to change your air filter at least once a month.
  • Thermostat -
    When you notice that your thermostat isn't properly functioning this could be as simple as switching the thermostat to, "heat." Make to check the batteries as well to ensure that in the event of a power outage, you won't lose your settings. If you hear the fan turn on after setting the thermostat 5 degrees warmer than the current temperature, you know that your thermostat is running properly.
  • Blower Compartment Door -
    On your furnace their is a compartment door that, when it is properly set, will then trip the switch that cause the heating system to turn on. If this compartment door is not sitting correctly, it won't communicate with the thermostat.

Making Sure Your Heater Is in Working Order

We provide expert Livingston & East Hanover heating repair as well as maintenance for furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps.

Signs you likely need service for your home’s heating system:

  • If your system is 15 years or older – many systems are not designed to last much longer than this timeframe, which might mean you should consider replacing your heater with a newer, more efficient one.
  • Your home is not heating up like it used to, or only some parts of the home are getting warm – This is a more obvious sign that something is wrong with your heater’s functionality.
  • Your heater is making strange noises– When your heater makes rattling or banging noises, it is usually a sign that a part is broken.
  • Your heater is giving off a strange smell – A musty smell might indicate that fungus has begun to grow in your home’s vents, while a metal smell might indicate a broken electrical component.
  • Your heater costs suddenly increase – If you notice your bills are higher than usual, this might mean your heater is working harder than before to do its job, causing your electricity bill to climb. Fixing or replacing your heater so that it runs more efficiently will likely solve the problem.

When our Livingston heating technicians come to your home to assess your situation, we will give you an honest, straightforward explanation of your options and what they will entail. We might recommend having repairs done to your heating system or a system replacement.

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We’re a family business with years of experience serving the Heating needs of our community. Our Livingston & East Hanover heating repair technicians are highly-skilled, and we continue to stay sharp and hone our abilities by participating in frequent training's. We’re honest and reliable, and will always put your needs first.

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