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Livingston Water Softener Plumbers

Prevent Tap Water Problems with Soft Water

Hard water contains traces of chlorine and mineral deposits that can affect the quality of the water. To improve the taste and safety of your tap water, you need a high-quality water softener that works well. A water softener can also extend the life of your appliances by reducing the corrosion and damage hard water causes.

Signs hard water is negatively affecting your home include:

  • Your water tastes odd due to mineral deposits
  • Your hair and skin aren’t soft even after a shower
  • Your water leaves stains on glass shower doors, faucets, sinks, and glassware
  • Appliances break down frequently

You don’t have to live with the consequences of hard water. A water softener installation by the experienced Livingston plumbers at William C. Diamond Plumbing and Heating can make all the difference. If you want to improve your tap water at home and reduce wear and tear on appliances, soft water may be the answer.

Don’t put up with bad tasting water that damages your home. For help choosing the right water softener for you, contact us at (973) 200-6713 today.

When Your Water Softener Needs Repair

If you already have a water softener, you realize that like all appliances it occasionally needs repair. The brine tank, resin bed, and control valves need annual cleaning. Salt may harden or build up in the tank and need removal and cleaning. You can contact the skilled Morris County plumbers at William C. Diamond Plumbing and Heating to help you.

Water softener repairs are rarely expensive and will help you get better results with your tap water. Don’t put off cleaning or maintenance you need. The plumbing professionals at William C. Diamond Plumbing and Heating will arrive on time, quickly take care of any work you need, and have a strong commitment to excellent customer service.

For an appointment to repair, clean, or inspect your water softener, contact us in Morris County today at (973) 200-6713! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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